The Surrounding Area
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The surroundings of El Palmar, Andalusia

The A-Frame Surf School is located in El Palmar in the Cadiz region of Andalusia. El Palmar is a beautiful seaside town in southern Spain with an idyllic location on the Costa de la Luz. This so-called Coast of Light offers not only 300 sunny days a year and excellent waves, but long sandy beaches, rolling hills and romantic villages such as Vejer de la Frontera and Conil.

A little further you can find sophisticated Seville, the vibrant coastal cities of Cadiz and Tarifa and the interesting British outpost of Gibraltar. There is much to experience and discover on a holiday in El Palmar if you are up for exploring…

Typical Andalusia

Andalusia is known for its fantastic beaches, white towns, beautiful nature and great weather. The excellent food such as fresh fish and tapas and the open, friendly nature of the people of southern Spain make Andalusia an unforgettable holiday destination.

Among surfers, the consistent quality waves are a big plus. In the surf scene El Palmar is well-known the surf capital of this region. At Playa El Palmar and the surrounding breaks there are numerous peaks providing enough space for everyone, beginners and advanced surfers, to find their perfect wave here.

The colorful tiles are typical for Andalusia
Amazing surf in Andalusia
Amazing surf and pink sunsets in El Palmar, Andalusia
A trip to the surrounding of El Palmar makes your Andalusia holidays perfect

This is El Palmar

While Tarifa is considered a Mecca for kite surfers, El Palmar is a paradise for surfers whatever size or shape your board. The 8 km long beach break offers enough space for all visiting surfers – you can always find an uncrowded peak here.

El Palmar itself is a village that stretches along the beach with the A-Frame Surf Shop and the A-Frame Surf School right in the centre. The place is small and cosy with a relaxed and positive vibe. There are plenty of small cafes, restaurants and bars as well as shops and a small supermarket. The beach is undeveloped and unspoilt, like most of the other beaches in the area. You can take long walks, or play as a family on the beach.

In spring, colourful flowers bloom directly on the beach and in summer the fields surrounding El Palmar are a sea of yellow sunflowers. Farm animals wander freely around the surrounding countryside adding to the feeling of escape to a simpler place, where life moves slowly and traditional ways have not been lost.
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Conil de la Frontera

Only five minutes by car is Conil de la Frontera. Typically Andalusian, the houses are whitewashed and the facades decorated with flowers.

In Conil you will find small shops, cafés, restaurants, an art market and typical Spanish churro stalls. Beach lovers can stroll along the palm-lined promenade or lounge in the sun. If you like, you can even stroll along the beach as far as El Palmar. The walk takes about 40 minutes.

In the evening hours, Conil de la Frontera becomes really alive as people of all generations converge in the town square and surounding pedestrianised streets to enjoy getting together over tapas, tuna and other Spanish delicacies in the countless restaurants and bars.
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Sightseeing in Conil de la Frontera in Andalusia
Explore the white villages that are so typical for Andalusia
Look forward to tapas and charming narrow streets in Vejer de la Frontera

Vejer de la Frontera

Only 15 minutes from El Palmar is Vejer de la Frontera – considered to be the most beautiful village in Andalusia. As in Conil, the facades of the houses shine bright white in the sun give the impression of an ancient Moorish village spilling down the hill.

Like a magical labyrinth, visitors can lose themselves in the narrow winding streets as Vejer casts its spell on them. A surprise awaits you around every corner: an old church or shrine, a good restaurant, a magnificent view or a boutique with local produce. One of the highlights is the Iglesia Parroquial del Divino Salvador, a church built on top of an old mosque. In Vejer you will find relics from the Moorish past everywhere. Let yourself be entranced by the charm of the city.
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The typical Flowers of Andalusia

Beaches on the Costa de la Luz

Andalusia offers countless places for an exciting and relaxing holiday. One of the highlights are the beautiful beaches of the Costa de la Luz.

In the area surrounding El Palmar, there are may untouched beaches, some backed by pine-filled national parks. Instead of deckchairs and hotel blocks you will find azure blue water and meadow flowers.

Off the beaten track of the typical holidaymaker, you usually only meet surfers, horseriders, fishermen and walkers on the beach. So you have plenty of space to sunbathe, surf and build sandcastles.
Besides long sandy beaches there are small, wind-protected coves (calas) for bathing. You can find them north of Conil in the Roche area, beyond the fishing port. There you can go for a walk on the rocky cliffs or stop for a secluded swim or picnic in one of the many bays.

Enjoy Andalusia with the beaches of the beautiful Costa de la Luz
Visit Tarifa during your Andalusia holiday